As a lifelong Burlingtonian, I am stepping up to lead because it’s time for us to begin our city’s next chapter. 


As a business owner and an experienced leader, I have the skills to implement a people-led vision for our city while being fiscally responsible and building a local economy that works for all of us. 


I’m asking for your vote because City Hall is not listening to us, and is catering to private interests instead of working for the people who live here. It’s time to elect a leader who understands that Burlington is NOT for sale. 


We can shift the priorities of City Hall to meet the needs of Burlingtonians. 


    •    To create economic opportunities for Burlingtonians, we can recruit new employers to our Gigabit city, foster low-cost commercial space, support the growth of micro-enterprise, employee-owned and small businesses, and we can create job training programs that connect local people with the thriving tech, construction, food and beverage, and green businesses.


    •    For seniors, working families, New Americans, and young adults, we can boost affordable housing development in our community with policies that make use of available city lots, offer zoning and tax leniency, make it easier to build small or tiny homes and add accessory units to owner-occupied homes, and strictly enforce our inclusionary zoning laws.


    •    For our families and children, we can ensure quality, affordable enrichment for all Burlington kids every day of the summer, every school vacation, and after-school, and we can recommit to the success of our schools by engaging the whole community, and connecting our businesses to our schools foundation and link education with employment.


    •    To bring people together around creative, bold, new solutions and future vision for our city, we can offer community-building grants to build networks, create new traditions, events, and programs, and encourage community. These grants will be the seeds that will grow into celebrated city accomplishments tomorrow.


Together, we can be doing so much better, and so much more to build a resilient, sustainable economy that brings down the cost of living in our city and benefits everyone.


The Burlington I grew up in never accepted business as usual, and like you, I don’t want our city to become like Anywhere-Else, USA.


It is time for vision for the city created by and for the people who live here. I am asking for your vote on Tuesday, March 6th so we can realize that vision together. 

Thank you for your support, 

I'm asking for your vote. 

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