Editorial Board: "Driscoll offers a vision that more directly serves all Burlingtonians, from working with developers to connect training programs to jobs to better leveraging public assets to ensure long-term says over the city's development. For Driscoll, meeting the needs of low and moderate income residents, as well as seniors, are more than a bullet point in the overall plan, but priorities that stand on their own." 

AFSCME Local 1343, Council 93

represents more than 200 workers in the following City departments: Parks and Recreation, Public Works, Library, Airport, City Clerk / Treasurer’s Office, the Assessor, Community and Economic Development Office, and other staff at City Hall, as well as “civilian” staff at the Police  and Fire Department, and about 75 staff in the Burlington School District.

Karl LaBounty, AFSCME Local 1343 President and Grounds Foreman for the Burlington School District, said: “The hardworking staff of the City of Burlington are proud to endorse Carina Driscoll as the city’s next Mayor. She is a proven leader who is willing to listen and to bring people together to solve the problems facing our city.”

Carina has been a progressive activist in Burlington for decades. She has previously served as a State Representative, City Councilor, School Commissioner, and has worked in City Government. As Mayor, she will work to open the city back up to regular Burlington residents.

RAD members endorsed Carina because they know she is running for Mayor to return political power to the people of Burlington, rather than allowing a select few in City Hall to make decisions without us. As a progressive champion on affordable housing, childcare, education funding, and making our city livable and accessible for all, her campaign is gaining momentum against a well-funded, establishment incumbent.

Lieutenant Governor David Zuckerman

Sen. Chris Pearson 

Rep. Selene Colburn 

City Councilor Ali Dieng

City Councilor Jane Knodell 

City Councilor Sara Moore

Bram and Erin Kranichfeld

Mark Larson and Amy Livingston 

Linda and Keith Tarr-Whelan

Dolly Fleming and Fran Tobin

Rob Bacchus and Michelle Mraz

Emma Mulvaney-Stanak

Carmen George

Brian Pine and Liz Curry 

Dean Corren

Phil Fiermonte

Jesse Warren

Vince Brennan

Alan Matson and Dale Azaria

Ali Mohammed

Alissa Fromkin

Amanda Goosen

Amy Cudney

Amy King

Amy Rubin

Amy Trynoski

Amy Wright

Andrea Todd

Anil Shrestha

Ann and Bob Hallowell

Annie Wohland

Ashley Orgain

Barb Prine

Beth Sightler

Betsey Krumholz

Betsy Liley

Betsy Rosenbluth

Bill Mullins

Bill Simmon

Bob Collins

Bob Plumley

Bob Wolf

Cara Gleason Krebs

Cara Simone

Carmen George

Carolyn Bates

Carrie Steele

Caryn Long

Chris Miller

Chris Staats

Chrissy and Marco Tonizzo

Christopher Ramos

Connie Coleman

Curt Gurry

Cyndi Sullivan

Damon Lane

Daniel Brown

David and Liza Driscoll

David Berman and Vanessa Melamede Berman

Deb Bouton and Dan Herman

Debbie Landauer

Debra Clemmer

Devon Ayers

Diana Carminati and Rosalyn Grossman

Dolly Fleming and Fran Tobin

Don Schramm and Barabara Nolfi

Donna Walters

Dorothy Coe de Hernandez

Elizabeth Hughes

Emer Feeney

Emilie Thompson

Emma Fern Kinsel

Erhard Mahnke

Erica Lustgarten

Erin Blaisdell

Erin Hanley

Felicia Kahl

Grace Meyer

Grace Per Lee

Heather Miles

Heloise Williams

Hilary Martin

Holly Morehouse

Isaac Grimm

Jackie Shultz

James Kochalka

Janet Breen

Janet Kahn

Jeff Baron

Jenn Batchelder

Jess Kell

Jessica Oski

Jill Evans

Jim and Kerry Holway

Joan Robinson

Joanne Jastatt

Josh Wronski

Jovial King

Justine Sears

Karen Amirault

Karen Hewitt

Karenia Tarolli

Kathleen Knauer

Kathy Olwell

Kelly Mangan

Kerrie Mathes

Kim Lang

Kitty Boyan

Lance Macomber

Laura Rabinovitz

Laurie McMillan

Leo Grenon

Lisa Dold

Lisa Hughes

Lisa Raffael

Lisa Raffael

Marissa Watson

Marta Hammond

Mary Mcguinniss and Kate Bouton

Mary Moynihan

Mary Neal

Matt Penny

Maureen Joyce

Megan Humphrey

Michael Sundue

Mima Tipper

Molly Moerdyk

Monika Ivancic

Nancy Margolin

Nicole Driscoll and Keegan Reed

Patricia Brain

Paul Hochanadel

Peggy Ellis-Green

Peggy Luhrs

Phyllis Palmer

Rachael Contreras-Montesano

Rachel Luks Petraska

Ralph Montefusco

Rebecca J Taylor

Rob Conboy

Sandy Baird

Sara Brown

Sara Burchard

Sarah DeSilvey

Saybra Varisano

Sharyl Green

Shelly Brodeur Waterman

Sherrill Musty

Sheryl Belman

Siobhan Donegan

Spencer Welton

Sue Schein

Tiffany Tillman

Tim Nitz

Tineke Russell

Tisha Shull

Wendy Hess

Xu Zhou

Carina's inclusive vision of government is one that listens and works for the people, not just insiders connected to the establishment. Whether the issue is improving Burlington schools or investing in the community, her approach is to always put people first.


Carina's message is clear: Burlington is not for sale. She will represent the entire community in the mayor's office, not the highest bidders. This is a campaign to empower all of Burlington's residents, experience that Carina has gained as a school board member, a state legislator, and a city councilwoman.

Coalition for a Livable City

Congratulations to Carina Driscoll who received the consensus endorsement for Burlington Mayor from the 200-plus member Coalition for a Livable City Meeting.

Carina Driscoll for Mayor of Burlington, Vermont   -   (802) 391-4390

Paid for by Carina for Mayor. Treasurer, Mark Larson. PO Box 111, Burlington, VT 05402

Campaign Headquarters: 12 North Street in Burlington

Open Monday-Friday, 9 a.m .- 5 p.m., and Saturday, Sunday, noon to 4 pm